Coda Finance Tracker

Hector Reyes
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Say bye-bye to your messy spreadsheet.

A Coda doc to easily manage your finances and make better decisions. Manage your sales, expenses, and cash flow. 

Play with the demo (link here)👇🏼

Why use this doc?

  • You're a small company or freelancer who needs to understand your financial situation.
  • You're tired of having a messy spreadsheet.
  • You love Coda and would like to keep your finances there.

What can you do with this doc?

  • Add and manage your sales
  • Add and manage your expenses 
  • Create monthly budgets and sales goals 
  • See the automatic dashboard with cashflow 
  • Get a yearly report
  • Add monthly recurring income and expenses
  • Manage different accounts


Who is this template for?

-  Freelancers, small business owners, or Coda users who want to manage their finances in a simple doc.

How will I get the template?
- You'll get a link to a doc and you'll be able to create a copy in your own Coda account.

For what type of business model this template works?

- It works better for freelancers and service providers with less than 100 transactions per month.

Do I need a Coda account?

- Yes, you'll need a Coda account. You can create one for free here.

Can I customize this doc with my own date sources?
- Yes, you can use a Pack to sync transactions from Stripe, Shopify, Quickbooks, or Xero.

Safely buy this template!

My refund policy is simple, if you don't like this template or it's not what you were expecting, you'll get a full refund within the first 30 days. No questions asked.

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Coda doc to easily manage your finances.

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Coda Finance Tracker

2 ratings
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